Your Personal Year Vibration 2019 

A personal year vibration number is a specific vibrational influence that surrounds every one of us in 2019 and in each year. Each year is also a part of a larger cycle much like the cycle of growth for an emerging plant. Beginning like a seed deep within the ground then moving through stages of growth until maturity and harvest until culminating in the enjoyment of the fruits of labor. Certain years in this cycle support the exploration of feeling; some prompt a change in our thinking; while others encourage us to action. Numerologists have an understanding of the positive and negative aspects of these numbers and can give us clues as to how we can maximize the benefits we receive. Each year also has a built in message to inspire us and support our continued growth.

So what message is 2019 bringing to you? To find out simply calculate your Personal Year Number as follows then read the relative message. Add the day and month of your birth then add to this year -2017 For example:  the 15th of November is 15+11+2019= 6 +2+12=20/2= Personal Year 2.

There is also a specific message that relates to your Ruling number at the end of each Personal Year message. To calculate your Ruling Number add your full birth date together. For example the 15th of November 1998 would be 15 + 11+ 1998 = 6+2+27= 35/8 = Ruling Number 8.

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