Numerology Courses - Sunshine Coast

These courses will give you a full and complete working knowledge of Numerology that you can apply to yourself and others. In this course you will learn all about:

* The Ruling Number

* The Day Number

* The Birth Chart

* The Pyramid Chart

* The Personal Year Number

* The Influence of the name

You will also be taught how to construct a chart and how to interpret and apply the teaching. You will recieve a comprehensive workbook and certificate on completion of the course.

Introductory Level course: This course will give you a foundational understanding of the influences of numerology, how to construct a chart and how to interpret the influences on the chart. This course will focus on the understanding of your own chart as well as relationship and children.

Intermediate Level course: This course will enable you to expand your understanding to encompass a broader view of the interplay between universal vibration and personal vibration. It also looks at how to manifest the potential of what is embodied within the vibrational influences of the chart.

Advanced Level course: This course is for serious numerologist and looks at the broader cycle and its implications as well as ancestral influence. It brings in an understanding of soul journey and teaches you how to interpret the chart to a very high level. 

Course Calendar

Introductory Level Course

Dates: Sunday September 15th

Time: 10am-2pm

Cost: $120

To enrol: email me or phone 0414 962327 

Intermediate Level Course 

Dates: August 4th

Cost: $120

Advanced level Course

Dates: Online anytime

Cost: $120

You can also do all 3 Levels of this course online at your own pace with skype sessions and comprehensive feedback. Phone or email for details.

If you would like to participate in all 3 courses the cost is $300. To enrol: email me or phone 0414 962327