Personal Written Forecast Reading 2019

Would you like to know more about what 2019 has in store for you on a personal level? Well you can by ordering a comprehensive personal forecast for 2019. These forecasts give you immediate insight into what you can expect in some of the most important areas of your life. Choose any area of life: Relationship and Love, Career and Finance, Home and Family, Health and Wellbeing or Spirituality or combine them for a greater holistic perspective. Once purchased I will contact you for your personal details. With Love Debbie


2019 Personal Reading- All areas of Life
2019 Personal Reading Area of Life
To discover more about your own personal Numerology you can take our Course In person or via email, or get a Personal Forecast Reading via email, in person, phone or SKYPE 

Intuitive Personal Numerology & Tarot Readings with Debbie:

In person, via Skype or phone.


An Intuitive reading shines a light on your true vibrational essence. This essence is the unique and pure you. Throughout life our essence can become shadowed, masked or denied leaving us feeling out of touch with who we truly are. By recognising and reclaiming each facet of our being we begin to live more fully and more in tune with who we are meant to be. When we are expressing who we are fully and fearlessly our life flows with increased joy and harmony.

The energy of the universe is supporting and nurturing if you are in tune with it. If you have uncertainty and fear you may not be able to recognise the positive forces that are around you. An intuitive reading can support your understanding of how to be in harmony with these forces and draw to you their positive effects.

An Intuitive reading answers the questions of why you have been experiencing certain situations and what is in store for you over the coming 12 - 18 months.

Many clients experience a “light Bulb Moment” when they recognise a truth for themselves.  I believe can be a first step toward healing and awakening to our true self. Explore your true potential!

A Personal, one to one reading is a wonderful way to gain much needed insight and direction. Using numerology and tarot as tools a personal reading can show you how to align yourself to positive outcomes and provides clear answers the questions being asked. In Person, Phone, Skype and Written readings also available.

Cost: In Person $60

  • Via Phone or Skype $60 per 1/2 hour 

Phone: 0414 962 327 or email to arrange