Personal Year 1 / 10 – New possibility arises

This is the personal year 1 or 10 the 1st year of the cycle and it marks a point of evolution. As the remains of the previous cycle dissolve and return to the soil of experience you are now ready to look firmly forward to the future. Throughout the last 9 years you have expanded, strengthened and evolved and now you have become a new form. Here is where you experience being the master and the creator of your own destiny. You have the support of the universe to transcend all previous levels of growth and begin to reinvent your life. From this expanded state all possibility now arises. Your life now begins to spiral back toward itself and to rise to a new level of existence. 

The 10 year resonates to infinite possibility, evolution and manifestation. You are being asked to focus all of your energy on your desires and positive intentions as strongly as you are able. Now is the time when you have the chance to take a leap into the unknown and reshape your destiny. The 10 represents the individual and the whole. This is a time to be firm in your convictions of what you wish to see in your life.

The force of this vibration can be erratic, volatile and explosive so you need to have some control over the way you use it to manifest in your life. You should focus on the positive to ensure the best outcomes. It is also an energy that is vibrant, pervasive and alive. It is the inventor and initiator of idea; it is the spark of pure power and the energy of creation.

There is a cloudiness around this vibration that may make you feel out of balance and unsure of your direction. You are being challenged to remain in your expanded state in spite of the nervousness you are feeling. By following your own path and by the strength of your inner self you will make progress. It is when you lose faith and restrict your possibilities that the energy can become scattered and lose its intensity. 

 You will need to be mindful of your health under this influence as the strength of this vibration can bring about nervous disorders which in turn add to the stress of the physical body. Take time to release some of this through strong physical activity and it will help it to settle. You may also benefit by relaxing the mind through meditation or visualisation techniques. 

There is also a need for discernment now as you may be presented with more opportunity at this time and this may cause you some confusion. Attempt to align each of the choices that you make to your ultimate intention and this will help you find success this year. New friends, jobs and even ways of thinking and being will emerge now. Take your time, by the end of the year you will definitely be heading firmly in your new direction.

Home: You will be making the most of the changes brought about by the previous year. This is a great time plan for the future. You may find that you spend less time at home now and more time out and about.

Relationships: There is a danger of some frustration so be cautious with your words. You will want to bring others to your way of thinking. Other people may find you head strong and forceful now. You will want to do your own thing more this year.

Leisure: You may decide to spend time doing something out of the ordinary this year. You may want to expand your understanding of different cultures and customs. Your movements will be dynamic this year so you may want to take up a new sport. Be conservative with alcohol or drugs. 

Career: You may have already settled into a new job but if not this year you may decide to change direction completely. It is a time to follow your instincts but read the fine print before making decisions. Partnerships may come under some strain as you will want to do things your way..  

What hinders this good vibration:  Difficulty in making decisions now may see you losing the strength of this vibration and not being able to bring those things into your life that you desire. If you tend to get carried away and don’t take your responsibilities seriously you may find difficulty now. Temptation is also strong now so ensure you align yourself with your future plans strongly.

Ruling 5: You may feel under pressure to make choices this year and this may prove difficult for you. Now is the time to set your sights on completing those things that you have always wanted to complete. Allow your inspiration to flow now and try not to get caught up in the details. You have the power this year to create the life you have always wanted. Uphold your integrity and make sure you include loved ones in your plans.

Ruling 10: If you have not mastered the art of control you may find this vibration very intense and erratic. You must define what you desire and keep focused to make the most of this year. Watch your health as you may have a tendency to burn the candle at both ends. Be conservative.

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