Personal year 2 -Preparing fertile ground

In the personal year 2 the 2nd year of the cycle you are being asked to clear away debris and to cultivate and prepare a more fertile ground from which you can draw sustenance and support in the future. To do this thoroughly requires that you dig deep within your experience and find the source of what nourishes your personal self and feeds your individual needs. In sifting though the substance of your being you uncover outdated ways of existing that limit the vibrancy and happiness you find within your relationships and within your life.

The vibration of this year resonates with partnership, cooperation, diplomacy and honesty. It holds the energy of balanced communication and fairness; it encourages open discussions that are aimed at harmonising your interactions with others.  This openness fosters a spirit of unity and trust and brings balance to all of your partnerships. 

The 2 year also slows down the pace of life enough to enable reflection. This is a perfect time to use your logical mind to weed out unnecessary thought patterns and beliefs that now only belong within memory. This is also time to release from the heaviness and solidity of the past to allow clarity and vitality to emerge.                           

As you draw on the warmth at your core self, you may be more willing to act with a mood of forgiveness and compassion. You may begin to feel strengthened in your reserve to align more closely to your truth and your goodness and in so doing may find increased purpose and stability in daily life.

Home: Stay put and use this time to sort out some aspects from the past. For example, rearrange or store old photos and throw out any tired and unwanted possessions; this includes old beliefs too. Nurture yourself and create a warm and cosy atmosphere in which to regenerate; adding soft lighting and soothing music. 

Relationships: You may feel afraid but you should attempt to be honest with the people in your life especially family members. You may want to clear away old feelings and settle old scores. Forgive others but also integrate the useful lessons of the recent past. Attempt to be patient, understanding and compassionate in all your interactions. Only allow those people around you now that fully understand you and don’t expect too much from you.

Leisure: Not a great time to go too far from home and hearth. Attend to your physical body instead though massage, healthy eating and long quiet walks. Stay in and watch movies with close friends or relax with loved ones around the meal table. Now is a good time to let people know if and when you need their support.  

Career: Not really a good time for major changes but a great time to stabilise your position and work toward tangible goals. You may find some work situations or people overbearing but persevere and be patient; observe rather than react.  

What hinders this good vibration: If you are unable to speak with honesty now you may feel some resentment and anger surfacing and this may make relationships difficult. If you are reluctant to let go of the past due to attachment you may struggle to adapt to this year. If you are unable to allow yourself to reflect and rest you may be faced with ongoing restrictions and setbacks in your attempts to move forward. 

Questions to ask now: Are the structures of my relationships serving and enhancing the lives of all parties fairly? What changes can I make to accommodate my new direction and focus? Can I embrace this time and use its energy to redirect and stabilise my relationships and therefore my future? What old things am I holding on to that it would serve me to let go of now?

Ruling 2’s: Let go of any resentment you may have, this is a time to celebrate the work you have done to bring harmony to others. You are being asked to rearrange your life so that you gain a stronger feeling of appreciation.

Ruling 4’s: You may feel as if you are always doing for others this year, you must show people where your boundaries are so that they know when they are crossing them.

Ruling 8’s: There may be a painful memory from the past that needs to be aired and put to rest. Attempt to use honesty and kindness in your dealings especially with family. Forgive.

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