Personal year 3 – Allowing new life to form

As you move into the Personal year 3 the 3rd year of the cycle you are unfolding to the freshness and possibility of new life. Rising up out of the confines of the grounding of the previous year you are now generating vibrant and vigorous growth toward the future. To be successful in your attempts you must be prepared to allow new things to touch and re- energise your inner being.

The vibration of this year resonates with optimism, joy and a light heart. It encourages the establishment of networks that uplift and support the tender young shoots that are now emerging. The 3 year has the potential and the promise of spring. It is crisp and clean and brings clarity and vision to the mind and the spirit. This year requires a measure of youthful courage and daring to fulfill its purpose, that of allowing.

There may be a sharpness of mind and wit that emerges under this influence. This is generated through a new feeling or sense that opportunities are arising within and around you. You may feel more like engaging in intellectual debate and expanding or exploring your understanding now too. It is as if the world has opened a brand new door to the future and you are standing on its threshold poised, confident and ready to take the next step.

This year your emotions engage more fully with your desires and this brings a more playful and energetic vibe. There is a willingness to initiate action now. This is a year to love yourself and others freely with acceptance, non- judgment and tolerance. It is a time when you find inner strength, self reliance and steadfast reserve and yet it brings a humble attitude and generosity to the spirit also.

There is a broadening of self now too; a keenness to participate in new activities, interests or causes that may have an artistic or environmental focus. It is in the opening to and acceptance of new experience that the value is found this year and it strengthens and unbinds the soul. This vibration generates fortune and prosperity that flows into the future, often through your associations.

Home: You would benefit by opening your home to new people and using this space to further yourself professionally and personally.  This is a great time to brighten things up with some fresh new paint or some flowering plants for the garden. 

Relationships: You may find that you are less tolerant of others and perhaps even critical so mind that sharp wit and tongue. This is a great time to call in all of your favors as well as a year to say yes to all invitations within reason. Use the power of love to overcome personal obstacles and only allow those people around you that lift your spirits.

Leisure: Short trips and romantic getaways are highlighted this year. Refinement is the key word including Theatre, Opera, and Art exhibitions. You may like to rekindle your love for an old hobby or activity too. Anything to do with group settings has added importance now. 

Career: Not really a good time for major change but it is a time to assess possibility and opportunity so always keep your options open. You may be called upon to settle small disputes or cope with minor gossip now. Gather addresses and contacts; these may prove important for the future.

What hinders this good vibration: If you have had difficult lessons in the recent past you may have built tough walls around you in an attempt to limit your exposure. This may have made you unwilling or unable to allow the changes now taking place. It is important to forgive and release from emotional hurt now so that you gather the strengths of this year and the potential it has to offer you. You must build tolerance for others and value their input as there are treasures to be found for you here.

Questions to ask now: Have I allowed fear to restrict my growth? How will I access the joy that I know is waiting for me now? Can I place my faith and my energy in a future that is new and has possibility and rise out of hurtful past experience?

Ruling 3’s: You want to be free and light but you may feel as if others are restricting you or holding you back this year. Patience and tolerance are the key words for you now, so practice counting to ten. 

Ruling 6’s: You will find relief this year especially after the heaviness of last year’s vibration. Let yourself go and have some fun; you need it and it will recharge you.

Ruling 9’s:  You need to lighten up because this year promises to be a great one for you. Why not go to the opera or a live music concert. You are the romantic so enjoy all that this year brings.

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