Personal Year 4 – Building strength

Now that you have begun your movement toward the light of the future you come under the influence of this the personal year 4 the 4th year in the cycle. Here you are being called to stabilise, strengthen and reaffirm your position in life. Building upon the growth and newness of last year you are firmly establishing your roots in the prepared soil and lifting your budding head towards the sun.

The vibration of this year resonates to organisation, preparation and foundation. The light shines intensely on all of the practicalities and asks you to make sure that your footing is stable enough to push yourself forward with assurance and purpose. The energy of this year is about dedication and application to task and also about laying the building blocks for advancement.

In the 4 year movement slows and a space is created that encourages a reshuffle. This is the year to make decisions about how you operate within the physical plane. Where you spend your money, how you work and the way you manage your time and resources will all come under the spotlight of restructuring now. Schedules, timetables and plans are now made that ensure a healthier and more profitable harvest is assured.

This is also a year for you to concentrate of your physical body making sure that you are getting the required balance of work and rest.  Pushing upward and outward in your endeavors requires a great deal of energy and this will need to be replenished after the setting of each day’s sun. The nutrients you receive and the conditions under which you strive play a major role in how successful you are this year. Balance is important.

Your self worth is also highlighted at this time and you may desire to be treated with added respect and appreciation for your efforts. Relationships also require balance here as your drive to be industrious can tend to take precedence over our emotional self.

The mind plane comes under added strain with this influence so there is need to be cautious about over analysing things. If you are not careful then you may become caught in a negative cycle or pattern that diminishes your clarity and brings with it uncertainty and self doubt. Appreciation for yourself has great benefits now as you review your place and your value. As you grow as strong and as straight as the conditions of your life allow you are also strengthening and building on your inner being as well. 

Home: Now is a time when you can benefit from getting your financial and personal bookwork in order. There may also be a desire to spring clean anything that has become neglected. There may not be time to entertain but you must have time to rest, especially your mind.

Relationships: You may need to find some more time for family in your busy timetable. You may not be able to find the time to socialise but at least text or email friends to show you care. Others may not understand your intensity and desire to finish what you start this year. You need all of your powers of tact and diplomacy to avoid harsh words and conflict that arise through resentment now.

Leisure: Not a lot of opportunity to travel except if it is work related. You need to schedule time in your week to relax your body and your mind. Seek advice if you become over burdened and delegate where possible. Try to get plenty of sleep.  

Career: There is a lot of work for you to do this year but you may have a hard time convincing others of the changes you want to make. This is a time to look at new and more efficient ways of doing things especially mundane tasks. You may be tempted to do everything yourself but this should be avoided. Tact and diplomacy are important now as words may carry extra sting.  

What hinders this good vibration: A lack of balance this year will see you under added pressure and this has the ability to create burnout. The mind that is not allowed to rest and relax will be tested to remain stable and flowing now. For those who are unable to release from their need for appreciation you may find disappointment this year. If you are doing things to please others you should stop because if you continue this way your resentment toward them may increase.

Questions to ask now: Am I being realistic about my expectations of myself and others? What areas of my life lack balance now? Am I giving myself the necessary nurturing and care that will help to support my endeavors?

Ruling 2’s: Work relationships will be highlighted so now is the time to use all of your powers of cooperation and diplomacy but it is also a time to get your needs across to others verbally.

Ruling 4’s: You are advised to bring balance into your life now or you could find that your health will become an issue for you. You need lots of rest and relaxation this year.

Ruling 8’s: You may be more demanding of others this year as the need to achieve and move forward will be strong. Attempt to include family in your plans this year because they may wind up feeling neglected if you don’t.

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