Personal Year 5 - The flowering of true being

In this the personal year 5 the 5th year of the cycle you reach the fullness of your being and find rest in the freedom of who you have become. This is the year to embrace your beautiful flowering form and enjoy all of the offerings of your creative and loving self.  You sway with delight to the positivity of the moment and find joy and happiness in the expression of your divine nature.

The vibration of the 5 year resonates with change, flexibility and creativity. It inspires the expression of your inner being through beauty and love. It promotes new adventure that deepens your experience of the larger world and brings about discoveries that were previously unknown or even unimagined. There is a greater feeling of anticipation and excitement about life now.

Under the influence of this vibration you are being asked to discover or uncover what brings you joy. A time to test the waters, dip your toes and try new things in an effort to determine what truly lights your fire and fuels your desires. You are being encouraged to go out into the world; allowing your experience to influence what you feel and how you think. This helps you to abandon previous restrictions and limited ideas and builds your understanding. In so doing it also expands the possibilities of your future.

There may be fearlessness and a centered determination that arises within you now. It is as if you have begun following your own self more fully than at any time in the recent past. These feelings may fuel impulsive behavior so there is also a need for careful thought and consideration with regard to the plans that you make now. Check the fine print, especially when travelling or signing documents.

This is an action year but you must allow yourself the freedom to make mistakes; it is through these experiences that you learn and grow. The urge to create is strong now so allow yourself to shine through what you do. Draw, paint, play music or write.

Home: You may have the opportunity to move this year or you may not so go with the flow but check the fine print.  This is a great time to clear a space to be creative or to meditate or to write. You will want to share your mood with others so you may feel like entertaining.

Relationships: You need to be aware that others may find the new adventurous you a bit scary. If you can’t agree then agree to disagree as intensity is high now. Others may not understand why you change your mind so quickly this year. You need to honor close relationships and allow them time to adapt to changes. You may feel impulsive and move from a present love relationship but be sure it’s what you really want and not just a whim or based on lust.

Leisure: A lot of opportunity to travel this year and it will help to deepen understandings in you and inspire your creations. You will meet lots of new and interesting people this year. Check all travel details carefully as mistakes can be made. Try new things, study something or expand on your present knowledge.  

Career: You will be restless and wanting change at work this year especially if you are restricted in expression. This is a time to look for new and more exciting opportunities. You may speak out of turn so be careful as you could taint your reputation and have to walk away. Opportunity is there but make choices based on wisdom and fact.  Money has a tendency to come and go under this influence.

What Hinders this good vibration: If you are fearful of change then you may feel a little nervous under this vibration. If you act too rashly or impulsively now you may create heartache and regret that stretches into your future. You should attempt to apply rational and logical thought to your decisions. If you have had a past experience of regret around action you may fear that you will repeat your mistakes now and this will restrict you.

Questions to ask now: How can I create something to offer as a representation of myself now? What inner desires do I have that I would benefit from experiencing in reality? What areas of my life do I feel need changing? What restrictions do I have around me that prevent me from experiencing the freedom I seek?

Ruling 5: You would benefit from having a plan for this year or you may find yourself without direction. Your feelings may be intense now so attempt to rationalise and apply logic to them.

Ruling 10: Try not to be too forceful as your desire to create something lasting may make you impatient and impractical. You may feel a build up of energy that you don’t know what to do with this year. Try to direct this energy into something meaningful or find relief through physical activity, travel or study. Watch your stress levels as they could impact your physical body.

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