Personal Year 6 – Establishing loving, comforting and fertile bonds.

As the rays of the sun envelop you and their warmth penetrates you deeply, you enter this the personal year 6 the 6th year of the cycle. After a period of self discovery and broadening you now turn your attentions away from the self and toward unity and connection. As contented feelings grow within you begin to radiate love into the world.

The vibration of this year resonates with contentment, love and comfort. It moves you to create a fullness and richness to your experience through your environment and those in it. It inspires you give to others and to open your arms to receive the abundant offerings that are now vibrating around you. You will be drawn to generate bonds with others that are fertile, nurturing and mutually sustaining.

Love in all its forms is a major focus for you now bringing an attitude toward sharing and partnership. You will want to find that special someone or deepen existing relationships. The mood is of giving and caring.

The energy of the 6 year also encourages movement toward peace and toward the happiness found from establishing your place within the world. Here you are encouraged to create an environment for yourself and those you love that fulfills you and nurtures you. You will want the home that you live in to reflect your feelings and if it doesn’t you may want to move, renovate or redecorate now.

Under this vibration there is a softening and a maturing to your outlook that draws you to settle and make a permanent place to rest and relax. This is a time to find shelter form the outside world.

Home:  You will want to “get your house in order” this year and this includes renovating, gardening and or moving.  This is a great time to create a warm and loving atmosphere at home. You may find the needy, sad and lonely knocking on your door this year, listen and help to your best ability but don’t drain your own reserves. This is also a great vibration for gardening or anything to do with the environment.

Relationships: Love is in the air so make the most of this influence and speak from the heart.  You will want to spend more time in and around the home with loved ones. Other people will be drawn to you because you exude loving and caring vibes. Be aware of being taken for granted and let others know your limits as family could burden you now. Starting a family is favored under this influence.

Leisure: You may not feel like travelling this year but you may enjoy short trips with loved ones.  You may want to stay at home more this year so get friends and family to be there too. Nature will have added influence this year so take in the scenery or go for long walks. Try to support others by lending a hand or a shoulder. 

Career: There is the possibility to buy and sell in business this year. This is a time to make decisions that benefit your family or close relationships. You can make big decisions regarding changes to career this year. Partnerships will work well as you are more willing to compromise and listen to others.  

What hinders this good vibration:  A lack of inner strength this year could see you not being completely honest with regard to relationships and this could restrict the flow of positive change coming your way. If you are stuck in past regret of love lost then this could be a lonely time for you. Material restrictions may cause you to fear any movement now. There is also a danger that you may give away too much energy to others and deplete yourself. Some of you may have fallen into a relationship last year that now may not suit you so you should attempt to be honest.

Questions to ask now: Is my home space all it could be or is there room for changes or improvement here? How can I nurture myself and create loving feelings around me now? Am I ready to settle and share my life with someone now or do I fear this responsibility? Do I have the courage to trust in love again or am I still holding on to a situation from the past?

Ruling 3: Now is the time to speak up and get what you really want from your love relationship but you should use kindness in your approach. You may have had a very adventurous year last year and may not want to move into this more settled vibration. If you choose not to move you may miss the opportunity to establish a valuable long term relationship or strengthen existing ones at this time. This is also a time to refresh your home and create that vibrant space that you always dreamed of.

Ruling 6: Try not to be too giving under this influence as you are in danger of allowing others to take advantage of you and you may end up resenting it. Attempt to focus on those people who are closest to you and allow yourself the pleasures that are coming your way now. Love is the key to everything. You are also experiencing an added boost to your creativity now. 

Ruling 9: There is the possibility of a wonderful year in which you feel as if those around you are finally working together with more cooperation and understanding. Enjoy your time at home and around the family. You should be well pleased.

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