Personal Year 8 – Ripening

Out of the previous year in which the fruits of your understanding begin to form you now arrive at this the personal year 8 the 8th year of the cycle. As this phase of growth begins you start to glimpse the true fullness of your knowledge. Hidden deep within the seeds of new possibility are developing. Here is where the structure of what is to be realised in the next cycle is designed and incubated.

The vibration of this year resonates to structure, order and conception. This is a time when your destiny is shaped and molded. The year 8 calls you to envision a blueprint for your future that swells with the juice and the flesh of your evolution. To accomplish this you will need to begin to outline your intentions so as to maximize your yield in the future. 

There is an uplift in your energy under this influence that asks you to consider your options and to plan and organise your forward direction. This is a very practical phase where you will want to create order and balance to your efforts. When the structure of your dreams for the future are clearly visible and arranged then your intentions align with your energy and the possibilities for your success are increased.

This year requires that you have all of your senses operating to their utmost potential to thrive. Your thoughts and emotions, your will, your understanding and your physical body all need to be engaged in this process of development so that you reap the fullness of the harvest to come. This is a time of action and preparation.

The 8 year is also a time of forgiveness. This is a year to revisit the past and to pardon others for any wrongdoing and let go. In releasing others you release yourself to a more positive future; one that is bursting with abundance and plenty. In forgiveness you can find deeper connections to the process of life and a better understanding of your purpose.

This is also the number of business, progress and endeavor and integrity is a crucial factor in supporting positive outcomes. It is a vibration of expansion and success where opportunity for advancement abounds. Courage and inner strength are needed for you to make the most of this time.

Home: You may have an opportunity to sell or buy property. You may not have a desire to spend much time around the home but it is important to remember loved ones. You might plan intensely for your future.

Relationships: There may not be much focus on relationships for you this year as you are concentrating on progressing as an individual.  You may want to strengthen and enhance business relationships and partnerships now. Others may not understand your drive to progress. You may have to forgive others this year.

Leisure: There is opportunity to travel but it may be more for business than pleasure. Being physically fit will support and strengthen you. Plan to spoil those you love with gifts and attention. 

Career: You are on the threshold of a major success so use all of your powers of intellect and planning to help you win out. Structure is important this year so attempt to find better, faster and more cost effective ways of doing things. You may be tempted to do everything yourself but you need to delegate tasks. Be aware that you can’t always take back what you didn’t mean to say. Be careful if starting a new partnership (especially if it is a friend or family member) as it may undermine your efforts.

What hinders this good vibration: The inability to forgive, especially when it comes to family, could find you pulling this influence into the next 9 year cycle. You would do well to apply effort to release and let go now. Integrity is a big issue this year so make sure you do everything by the book as you could come under scrutiny. If you do not have a clear enough vision for the future you may fail to set up the necessary structures that you need now. It is important that you value your desires for yourself and align with them.

Question to ask now: Are there people or issues from the past that I need to forgive so I can move forward?  Can I act with integrity this year? What things do I want to see in my future and how will I bring them into my reality? Can I apply effort to my endeavors so that I make the most of this year?

Ruling 2: You may need to make an extra effort to forgive those that you think have done you wrong now or you will find yourself remaining in resentment this year. You have valuable gifts to give so attempt to let others know what you need in return.

Ruling 4: You will want to be focused on projecting your own ideas now and this may make others question your motives. In this year of endeavor you must try not to overdo it and leave your energy depleted. If you are used to working with others people ideas then it is now time to begin to project your own.

Ruling 8: You would be wise to forgive and forget the past as you are in danger of taking its influence into the future especially when it concerns family or business relationships. Someone has let you down but you must reconcile this now and move on. Speak up even if you are in danger of feeling vulnerable. Truth with kindness.

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