Personal Year 9 – Harvest

As the shadows lengthen across the sky and the sun begins to sink toward the horizon you find yourself at the personal year 9 the 9th year in the cycle. The path you have been following begins to narrow and move toward a point of culmination; it is now the time of harvest. Here is where you reap the reward of past effort and gather to you the best ripened fruit from your productive past, allowing a few pieces to fall away and return to the soil.

The vibration of the 9 year resonates to completion, transformation and change. It provides the opportunity to acknowledge and give thanks; a moment also to look back to the past with a compassionate heart. Your stores are now overflowing with treasures; the memories of past experience that will remain with you eternally.

This is a year of endings. Many previously supportive and comforting structures are set to fall away from you at this time. This encompasses all areas of life; relationships, finances and career and it can bring some nervousness and uncertainty. You may be tempted to cling to what you are used to in an attempt to stall the changes now taking place. This is a year to accept whatever comes your way because the changes that are happening should be positive and transforming in major ways. Every ending marks a new beginning and it also provides you a chance to move into a more expanded state.

You have reached the height of the cycle and success this year now hinges on the ability to understand and move in harmony with its influence. It also depends on whether the majority or your past emotional scars have been healed and released. Let the energy of this year carry you and when it settles you will realise that you have gained many benefits.

There is an energy of independence and self reliance under this influence and you must learn to take responsibility for who you are and what has been in your life. You may feel a sense of separation or loneliness now. 

You will need all of your powers of tolerance and compassion for others this year.

Home: There will be plenty of opportunity to buy and sell if that is what you want to do. This is a great time to explore all of your options and make plans for the future. You may not want your circumstances to change but attempt to go with the flow.

Relationships: Use all of your powers to forgive and let go of the past. Use kindness when dealing with loved ones. You may want to release some friendships to make way for new ones. Tolerance and compassion are important now.

Leisure: A lot of opportunity to travel if you desire. Keep your options open but remember to include others in your plans. Try a new holiday destination or pastime.  

Career:  You will feel the urge to change your job or move within your present one. This is a time to grasp opportunities that interest and excite you. There may be some upheaval but attempt to remain balanced.

What hinders this good vibration: The inability to recognise the transformation now taking place may see you holding on to the past and this may result in further restriction. If you are unable to stay strong and content within yourself then you may find that you lose some self esteem adding to your uncertainty. This vibration may cause some of you to feel increased frustration and you may be tempted to express this in inappropriate ways.

Ruling 3: You should be beginning to reap the rewards especially with finances. Enjoy the abundance that is around you now. You may feel like celebrating with friends and loved ones or enjoying artistic pursuits. Get into nature to release any frustrations.

Ruling 6: One creative phase is ending so get ready to expand into the next one that begins next year. You may feel more philosophical about changes now. Make sure you have let go of everything that is moving away from you or you may end this year feeling restricted by people or circumstances. 

Ruling 9: You will need to tolerate what is happening around you now and attempt to accept change. If you are able to do this you may experience an expansion of understanding now. If not you may be challenged on a physical level especially with finances, friendships and health.

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